Hey You Guys!?!

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DayZero Project. Mark II

I tried to do the DayZero project and failed. I have taken the page down whilst I put together a new list. Some of the 101 may be the same as in the original DayZero Project.

For those of you who don’t know about the DayZero Project, it is basically setting yourself 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.

My first attempt I failed.

But as the saying goes.

If at first you don’t succeed; try try again.


Blog Group Fun?

I tried, a few months back now, to try and start a local blog group on facebook, and ended up with a total of 2 members. That was including myself. I have recently found another local blog group, which a fair few members, and who actually managed to get to the meet part.

So fingers crossed this may lift the ever lasting writers block I have at the moment. I couldn’t make the first meet which they held due to work commitments, but I’m hoping to attend one of the ones in the future.

Should a blog have a purpose?

It occurred to me today that I blog without purpose. Most bloggers have some form of thematic category that they blog about in general. I on the other hand don’t.

My blog post are generally totally unrelated from one post to the next. It’s more like a public accessible diary for me.

Most blogs what have related posts ted to be the more popular ones. Where as I am not to bothered about having an array of followers. I just blog because I like to write occasionally.

Snail Mail….

I have always loved having good old fashion pen friends, a hand written letter dropping to the floor as it comes through the letter box, you cant get much more personal then that really.

I still remember my first ever pen friends.

One I had made through an old Buffy (The Vampire Slayer) magazine, she was quite some years older than me, and we used to write about our favourite episodes and general things, we would send each other token gifts, but I moved, she moved and I lost her address. I often wonder what she is up to even now 15 years later.

Another one of my pen friends I had met on a holiday, and could very much be considered a holiday romance, I cried my eyes out and was heartbroken when he left a few days prior to us.  We wrote and spoke on the phone all the time. After a few years the letters and the phone calls started to die down, until we lost contact for a while. Then a few years ago we found each other on Facebook. It was amazing to have my friend back, but isn’t quite the same as the mail has stopped and it was either skype/facebook contact now.

Then there is my American Pen friend, we met through a mutual guy we both knew online, we exchanged addresses and wrote many a letter for years, but as we got older and out lives got busier, the letters again got far and few between. We still talk now, but its limited to facebook really and the occassional seasonal cards etc. I’m not complaining, as much as I miss our letters, I understand that life sometimes gets busy and that people move on. She has a husband and the most beautiful little boy now, and I still look forward to hearing off her every time my facebook notification says her name.

I think I may try and search for another pen friend again soon as I do actually miss it. I’d need someone who would be patient though as as my life or rather work schedule is at the moment it might not be as regular as some people would be, but its definately something I would like to take up again.

Meet My Prince

No I haven’t suddenly gone straight and got myself a Prince Charming….


Prince is my dog, and he knows all the doggy tricks, sit, paw/high five, lie down, roll over, speak and plays dead when you shoot him. Although sometimes he gets a little confused and does all tricks rolled into one. I have been trying to get him to learn some new tricks but at the ripe old age of 4 I am finding it difficult and it seems he doesn’t have the concentration span to learn anything new. Any tips wouldn’t go a miss?

He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and no, he’s not vicious, far from it. My late Yorkshire Terrier  was more vicious than Prince, but I put that down to little dog syndrome more then anything.This said, I don’t believe in bad dogs, just bad owners. A dog acts the way in which it is taught. I watched a programme a few weeks ago called Vicious Dog Owners and Proud, it made my blood boil as its these irresponsible idiots what are going to end up Staffies on the banned dog list too.

He loves playing with other dogs, just a shame he plays like a rugby player with dogs which are more suitable for Ballet!  He is pretty much me as a dog really.

He is so adorable, I actually can’t Imagine my life without him now. He does the funniest things, he fart and snores like any bloke, he howls in his sleep, looks at me on my early morning get ups as if to say 10 more minutes, and even when I have done the morning routine and I am making my way to work he will take his self back to the of nod and just wants to play all the time.

I should of called him Shadow really as he follows me absolutely everywhere, even up to the bathroom, that is until he realises what room I am going to and runs away thinking he is getting a bath. Such a Mucky Pup!