So here we are again… yet another blog started with all the usual intentions and promises of keeping it up…. although it was lack of money and internet which made the previous .com go down, hence why i have decided to go along to a free site… why pay extra for something you can get for free? Ok so when you self fund you get a few extra features… but I wasnt using them, so what exactly was the point?

I still have no regular internet access at the moment but what I do have is a rather sexual HTC Desire mobile phone with a wordpress app. So for the time being this will be quite suffice.

Yes at the moment I am still having money problems, I do intend to get this sorted eventually, but other problems I am currently having will have to come first… more may be written about these at a later date.

For the mean time… bed is calling. It’s gone midnight and I am up at 5 to travel to the opposite side of the city for work at 7.

So I bid thee good night


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