Farewell To Good Friends….

Last night I said Goodbye to my very good friend H, who is leaving for China today with her long term boyfriend B to go teach English. She could only come for 20 minutes or so last night due still not being packed and still having to make various phonecalls and arrangements. On saying goodbye we hugged, as we often do, and said our final Farewell, for the next 10 months atleast. We hugged a hell of a lot longer than normally, and whispered to each other to take care, H seemed to emphasise more when saying it to me :-/. Tears rolled down both our faces, I walked off into my house to my partner A, and sobbed….

I wish I took more advantage of our last 20 mintues together, but I just didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to accept that it was our last minutes together for some time.  Part of me is extreamly sad that she is going and another part of me which I hate to admit, is envious to high heavens with the Green eyed monster aka Jealousy. :-/ I want to travel the world too… :-/ Meh ignore me.

Today we have exchanged a few texts, but with every text we exchanged I have sobbed over. I feel as if I have lost my best friend to some tragic accident, a little steep maybe? but it does, it feel like a little of me has died inside. I won’t here from H now until atleast friday, and thats if she can get access to her emails. I’ve already left her an email.

So to my good friends H and B, Farewell From England, take care in China, you’ll do great the pair of you. I wish you luck on this amazing adventure. Love You Both


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