Age Discrimination and the NHS

The NHS must never discriminate based on age – that was the message given by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow when he announced that the Department of Health will not be seeking any exceptions to the planned implementation of the Equality Act 2010. (Original here)

The other day I had to escort one of the elderly ladies I look after to hospital due to a fall she had had. There was concerns with the bruising and swelling around one of her eyes, She literally looked like she had been in 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

After waiting for a few hours to be seen by the consultant in order to be referred for a scan, the consultant in question had said “At the age of 89, even if there are any major concerns I don’t think anyone will be taking her to surgery, do you?”.

This disgusted me, he had already decided this lady would be unsuitable for surgery because of her old age? So because she is old she is unfit for surgery why?

I’ll have you know this lady, does not look nearly 90. In fact other than memory problems she is indeed very fit for her age! In fact on waiting for the results to be confirmed by the senior radiographer, I had to leave early, as because she was sick of waiting she was beginning to kick off, so I had to make arrangements for them to call me if there are any abnormalities.



This “frail old lady” who was assumed unfit for surgery proceeded to cause quite a show in the hospital, and had to be escorted from the hospital to the taxi by myself and the 2 security staff.

I can tell you from experience, she packs a hard punch!!


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