10. I’m…

I like rainbows. I have short hair. I wear  boys clothes. I do wear girls clothes too. I game. I swear. I drink beer. I drink whiskey. I love to go shopping. I love musicals. I love glee. I believe in relationships. I wear make up. I am a tom boy. I have piercings. I have tattoos. I go to the gym. I love camp songs (Court of King Caratacus style). I have a wallet. I have a purse

I don’t hate men. I don’t have one night stands. I don’t know every gay person in my city. I’m not full of my self. I don’t like girly things. I’m not the worlds best cook. I don’t love sports.I am scared of spiders and other creepy crawly like things.

I like, and don’t like all these things not because I am a lesbian… But because they define who I am, and I am…

I guess what I’m trying to say with the above ramble is don’t stereotype. I am what I am because of who I am. Not because I am lesbian, although some of these things may be typically seen as stereotypes of the LGBTQ community, that is not why I like or dislike the. It’s just coincidental.


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