14. Have You Ever Been In Love?

Keeping in theme with lovesick day er… sorry Valentines Day (No I am not bitter, assume all you want) I thought we would talk about love. 

The otherday I went round to a friends, B, and we was discussing among other things, Love. Basically we was talking about if we had been in love.

At the time, I thought I was in love, I had even told her I loved her. But even before the end of the relationship I found myself  listening to N Dubz – Comfortable, and in particular following lyrics played over and over in my head.

Tell me if this is love, or Am I just too comfortable?

And thus I found myself questioning my apparent love of her, or if I was just comfortable. Even at the start of the relationship I think that I was just infactuated with her. I had mistaken it for love.

I think I am in love with the idea of being in love maybe?

B, said something that made a lot of sense (along the lines of)

If you had to ask yourself if you was in love with her, then you wasn’t.

Makes sense really.Love is supposed to be unquestionable. I’ve been told this. In fact I’ve said this to people. And there I was questioning it.

B, also played a song to me. I cant determine how I feel about it. Upset because I know I have never felt that kind of love, or excited for when I do finally find that kind of love….

Bryan Adams 0 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

Anyway… I’m spending lunch today on a GAYTE (gay date) with my gay friend, N. We are gonna play it straight.


Happy Valentines Day


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