26. Facebook

I think the majority of people out there have facebook these days. It’s become the norm to have one. So much so that when out at a pub or club or other places, and you catch someones eye.
What used to be the classic:

Can I have your number?

Has now changed to:

Whats your name on facebook?

I have a love hate relationship with facebook. I hate it for many a reason. In real life would I actually talk to half the people I have on my “friends” list? No. Would I walk down the street and shove pictures of my wasted self in their faces? No. Would I randomly go around poking people I barely know? Erm… No. Would I go round to their house and graffitti on their wall? Again… No.

But I love how it passes so much time. Hours in fact.

The new timeline feature is strange too. Infact I wish this aspect of my life was more like Facebook. What do I mean? I mean the fact that you can go to an “event/memory” and delete it from facebooks existance. And also the ability to block people from your life would come in ever so handy.



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