Hanolympics 2012

It was my friends 24th Birthday yesterday, and in true H style it was themed. It started at 4.30pm with a British Tea theme, that of sandwhiches, quiche and scones/buns.

Then there was games, obviously, it was the olympics. 3 legged race, sprinting, egg and spoom, welly wanging, wheel barrow race.

Oh god I thought, it’s going to be school sports day all over again.

But it was actually loads of fun.

My Partner in crime and I triumped in the tug of war, going undeafeted to get the gold medal, much to H’s brother (a weight trainer) dismay.

We ended the games with a girls vs boys competition of tug of war….

Girls winning obviously, again to the guys dismay.

The evening that followed included drinking games and olympic related drinking fun.

Another Bash tomorrow should be just as fun, as yet again, we prepare to say goodbye to one another


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