Life Changes, So Do People.

It never ceases to amaze me just how quick life can change.

It’s been over 6 months since I last posted, and so much has changed. Since I last posted I have acquired a new job, as a Senior Care officer, and as of last Monday gained a promotion to a Deputy Manager. all this within 5 months of being at the company.

I have been very loyal to this company so far, often putting my relationship first, which I know shouldn’t be done. But relationships are there to be tested, and the fact that we are no longer together shows that we are probably not right for each other, otherwise our relationship would of lasted.

I’m still very new to being a Deputy Manager, and I have so much to learn also and I am looking forward to the journey I am going to be taking. I know it’s going to be a hard journey, especially with my colleages that were once the same designation as me.

It’s also changed how I feel about myself, I feel more confident about my work. I just hope it will reflect in my personal life also one day.

I am also going to be an Aunty, My little sister is pregnant, and is due a bouncy baby boy in December. I am so excited to be an Aunty, and beanie, as I have named him. Is going to be one little spoilt man.

I can’t wait to meet him.

It’s also dawned on me today that I didn’t come anywhere near finishing my DayZero project. I remember when I first started it thinking I have plenty of time to do it. Obviously I was wrong, as I didn’t even half finish it.

Another thing that has just hit me, is the fact that this year is the 10th anniversary of leaving High School. I remember it as if it was yesterday, it’s crazy. It doesn’t feel like 10 years since I left.

I also have a dog now. A beautiful Staffordshie Bull Terrier Called Prince.

I’m not going to make any promises of blogging more like I have done in the past. If I post. I post. If not then thats Okay too.


Bonnie Wee Scotland

Just got back from a short trip from Scotland, my partner and I went on a National Holidays (coach holiday) as a belated Valentines Break.

Those of you that know what national Holidays is are probably sat laughing at the thought of 2 Twenty something year olds sat on a coach with a load of OAPs.

And to be honest, you thought right. They are tough as old boots those OAPs though. On arriving home I slept for 14 hours (stupid migraine) Saying that there was also a few younger families on board too.

Scotland is a gorgeous place, the scenery is mind blowing, and I don’t think I have ever seen so many sheep in my life!!!

I’d definitely go on this trip again but maybe miss out the excursions though, there was a hell of a lot of time spent on the coaches going from place to place.

We travelled to Glasgow on our own on our ‘free’ day. And got there and back in one piece!!! And was kept entertained on the way home by some drunken elderly locals singing wheels on the bus (at least Thats what we think they sang).

I also tried Haggis, not the best thing to ever pass my lips but at least I tried the Scottish national dish. Also, never let an elderly Scot see you add anything to whiskey, unless its ice, maybe some water and at a push ginger beer. You will not hear the last of it!!

It’s back to reality now though and back to work, which Is where I am now.


(501) What 500 Days of Writing Teaches You

The Better Man Project ™

500 days of writing. I think it just hit me. Wow. I wonder how many words that is? Well lets see…Average of 700 words per post…woah. So what the hell have I learned from all of this? I have learned two incredibly important lessons that are much greater than all the rest. Of course I have been able to look at myself each and every day with critical yet accepting eyes and morph myself into the person I wanted to be all those years ago. But there is even a lesson in that. Being able to see yourself for exactly who you are and exactly who you aren’t. But let me get into it.



1. Never. Never. Never. Never. Never. Never. Give up.

I have failed so many times at my goals. Life got to me. Procrastination got to me. Emotions. Fear. But I think we can all agree…

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CRB Update

I called them [Criminal Records Bureau Department] several times last week to check the status of my CRB Check, and was told it could be another 4 weeks by one, the next day another person told me it would only be another 3 weeks.

So obviously I was growing tired of not knowing when I would receive it, and also starting to worry that the job I was offered back in February wouldn’t be left open for me.

I decided to email my local MP, who replied (or rather his secretary) asking me to reply with my full name and address, which I did.

Now it may be coincidental, but 2 days later my CRB had been printed and dispatched and was winging its way back to be, slowly but slowly things are finally starting to roll work wise.

Really cannot wait to get back to work 🙂

Happy 13th Birthday Boy!!!

dog and boy polo

Today this little cutie on the right turns 13!!
My kid brother “the boy” as he is known by most.
He is the most amazing kid ever, and that isn’t an unbiased opinion.
Many have said it, and many more will say it in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, he has his days where I could kill him.
But I know for sure I would be lost with out him.

He is so smart, handsome and talented.
(takes after his big sister – I joke)

I just hope he doesn’t go all “Kevin” on us!

Happy Birthday Boy
I love you!
(or should I be saying little man now?)

An Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron
10 Downing Street
Dear Mr Cameron,

To my dismay, I have been on job seekers allowance for almost 6 months now, and cannot wait to sign off and start working again. The majority of your staff that you have working at the Job centre’s are condescending and patronising to say the least, and have found this more so when I turn up in a pair of Joggers on my “lazy” days.

Never in my 25 year existence have I been spoken to in the way some of your “advisers” have spoken to me. One of them speaking to me as though I have never worked a day in my life. I so rightly corrected said adviser.
FACT. This is the first time I have claimed state benefits, and I have worked since the age of 13.

Within a few weeks of signing on I could of had a job if only I had been allowed a small loan of £50 in order to update a certificate, I had every intention of paying every single penny back. This was refused as “every thing has changed” (a sentence I must hear every fortnight), but was instead sent to do a 6 week college course for a qualification that I had already obtained, and was told had I not go to the course that I would be sanctioned and my benefits stopped.

Surely sending me on this expenses paid course, (travel expenses included), has cost the Government a hell of a lot more than what the original £50 I had originally queried about?

I also recently had an interview for a paid post at a local charity as a support worker for the Learning disabled, I got this job and had to fill in a CRB form.

This was a month a go and I am still waiting for it to come back. I am already aware of what will come back, and have informed my future employers, but I am not allowed to start work without this document.

Upon contacting the Disclosure and Barring service I was told I could be waiting for up to another 6 weeks. That will be a delay of 10 weeks.

I thought one of your policies was to “Get Britain Working”? I am more than willing to work, in fact I am ecstatic at the thought of working again, but cant due to governing bodies.
So please note, The longer your idiots down at the disclosure and Barring service take to do my CRB the longer I shall be claiming benefits.
Yours sincerely,