More To Follow….

I now have the internet at home again, so hopefully posts will be more regular. I’m not promising this because it’s not a definate promise I can keep. I often say, I will do more post’s but very rarely get round to doing it.

So since I last posted We have moved yet again. I say it like it’s only just happened, but it was in October. The house we was in previously was disgusting, whilst I was on sick during September through to October I literally watched the house go mouldy:-

Just a few photos which I took

We took a lot more pictures and videos of the house, sought legal advice, and wrote a letter and went to our landlords with the evidence. We viewed a new house the next day and moved in it a week later. So cant really complain. In the letter I wrote the usual about financial claims cause of personal belongings damaged etc. But all we wanted was to be released from the contract, and to be fair they let us.

A recently bought me an early Christmas present in November, A Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup, Prince is his name, and a week later we got another Mia. Both of which are completely bonkers, boustrous and into everything at the moment. I’m sure more blogs about them will follow. I only wish I could of blogged about them from day one 🙂

Anyway Ciao for now,

And a Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates it.